How to replace the stair tread

When stair treads are damaged they require replacement. Technique of stair treads replacement depends on the design of the stairs. To replace treads from the stairs with stringers is very difficult. Bowstring pressed steps on both sides and also treads enter with their end portions to the slots in the string. Therefore, insert a new level without destroying the structure of the march is almost impossible. To remove the damaged stage in the staircase with stringers you can only by cutting it in the middle line. Only after that it can be derived from both halves of the stage of the march. To install new stairs tread in this case is only possible by the support bars or metal corners attached to a bowstring. The length of the new tread should strictly correspond to the distance between the stringers. It is better to install a new tread on the metal corners attached to the bowstring. In this case, it can be fixed with screws from below and there will not be able to beat a level on top of the support bar.Wood staie hand rail

It is easier to remove stair tread from staircase with kosours because it is attached to the top stringer. But in this embodiment, there you will need to remove intermediate posts railing that are fixed on the stairs. So before you take the stair tread you need to remove the rack railing. Method of removing rack depends on the way of its mounting. If the rack is mounted on dowels you can try to cut the dowel at the bottom of the rack. For this purpose you have to use saw blade for cutting metal. This blade will make the thinnest cut and will not have a significant impact on the length of the rack. If the intermediate rack mounted using the finger-type compounds «dovetail» it is necessary to separate the side roller and remove the rack from the slot previously removing the fastening screw. It happens that a nail or spike is secured by peg. The nail should be removed and drill out the peg and replace it in the future on the larger diameter. In this case, the counter does not need to be exempt from the upper attachment to the rail, and after the installation of a new stair tread it insert into the new slot.Changing stair treads with stringers

The new stair tread is should be selected from wood similar to wood from which the stairs is made of. Stair tread set on the dowels as described for the stairs with kosour. After installing the stair tread you need to fix stage railing rack, fasten decorative roller to the place and reduced stairs coating. If railing rack was mounted on the dowels, then install it in the same way without disassembling the balustrades is impossible. If it is only one rack in the stairs march then it can be set in place and nail at an angle.Insert stringer stairs retrotread

But the best way is to make a new rack and attach it jointed like «dovetail», as we mentioned earlier. The rack can be fastening with dowels to the handrail. First at the upper end of the front you need to drill the hole and place dowel in the opening formed below the handrail. These uncomplicated methods can avoid the need for disassembly railing.Insert stringer stairs retrotread

Replacement of one or more steps in the spiral staircases often requires disassembling a flight of stairs, lifting with the center pillar upper stages, and only after that stairs screw recovered from one of the previously described methods. If many stair treads are damaged or there are cracks in load-bearing beams (stringer and kosour) it is advisable to consider making a new flight of stairs on the already known methods. Practice of exploitation of stairs shows that in the absence of squeaks and safely secured stairs march can still have a pretty big noisiness. One way to combat this is to ensure the sound insulation flight of stairs. To do this on the attachment of the upper and lower edges of the march laid elastic materials (for example, dense rubber). This will significantly reduce noise level.