Laminate stair treads for your stairs

Laminate stair treads have distinguishing features such as: high impact resistance, high abrasion resistance, resistance to fire and impact of household chemicals, hygiene, environmental, thermal conductivity and ease of installation. The basis of tread is laminated plywood or MDF, which provides the necessary rigidity and strength. Each manufacturer has its own «recipe» of laminate stair treads manufacturing. You can order a variety of stair treads made ??of laminate.Laminated wood stairs

The materials of which are assembled the stairs, play no less important role than the design. Often the wood is used for the steps of various breeds, which facilitates weight of the structure itself, but not subject to certain micro-climatic conditions in the apartment such steps do not serve for a long time. When choosing a stone, it should be noted that in addition to its positive qualities, such as durability and strength, it is necessary to consider its impressive weight, which generally give the stairs unnecessarily cumbersome because of the use of more massive fasteners. Laminated stair treads can perfectly replace wooden, glass and stone steps. They also are durable. Therefore, the most appropriate variant would be a laminate stair treads.

Finishing of laminate stair treads

The top layer that are under the layer of paper glued on bases with a pattern that mimics the natural planks of valuable wood species (maple, walnut, oak). Printing upper layer is made of such high quality that it is often impossible to distinguish laminate stage from the products of natural wood. It provides complete similarity not only breeds and texture of natural wood but the attention paid to such nuances as surface roughness.Laminate stair treads

The innovative technology of laminate steps is a good alternative to a natural wood. When to compare they with the traditional steps of solid wood, laminate stairs are more aesthetically pleasing, it is much more economical, more durable, more comfortable, able to bear a greater load, easy to install and undemanding to care.

The surface of the laminate steps is not exposed to dirt and harmful to the body bacteria: they do not accumulate. It is simply to clean the surface with a sponge or a mop.

Textured stair treads

Note: Before starting the installation remove the packing film and leave material for two days at room temperature.

Installation of laminate stair treads

Laminated stair treads gained popularity due to the wide variety of decors, colors and high durability. And they attract by quick and easy installation, as well as the fact that they can be placed on the old steps. If you done the installation correctly laminate staps will be resistant to abrasion, will not change color under sunlight, will be well to bear the consequences of various loads.

Installation of concrete steps on the ladder

 Laminate stair treads can be layed on a re-arranged concrete base in about four weeks. The surface roughness of the base may be a maximum of 0.3 mm to 10 cm. If not accurate, correct base with self-leveling screed. The moisture content should not exceed 2%. Steps will be ready for use immediately after installation which is very fast. Laminated steps do not require sanding and varnishing. You only need to wipe them with a damp cloth to remove dust and any leftover of the mout adhesive.Laminate steps

Attention! Laminated panels dampen sound less steps than natural parquet. Their surface is not be repaired, and if the amount of damage exceeds 5.6 mm, the broken bar must be replaced.

How to choose laminate stair treads

Preference should be given to well-known manufacturers of laminate stair treads that guarantee not only its quality and durability, but also provides a selection of necessary accessories. This should include thresholds pads for expansion joints, corner stair treads and transition profiles for jointing places of laminate step with other types of flooring. The proposal of manufacturers should supplemented by liquid for washing and care for the stairs.