Stairs with steel stair treads

Until recently, the steel and metal stairs intended only for installation in commercial buildings, but in practice, they can be successfully used for interior decoration and modern living spaces. If desired, you can create a stairs of steel structures of any type: single and multiple flights, spiral or any other. The advantage of a steel stairs is that its elements can be made in advance and it is made of a material that is easily molded. All nodes are easy to assemble and thus can maintain the big loadings. Steel stair treads are not deformed and are not erased.Slip cover for metal spiral steps

Disadvantages of steel stairs consist in the fact that this design makes a noise and the sound when walking, sensitive to corrosion, can dangerous slip and create in a residential area a pinned down cold atmosphere. The design of a steel stair treads should conform to the requirements. Steps need to be comfortable, secure, non-slip and be in harmony with the environment. They are made of metal plates with different transition parts and semi-circular clamping cuffs. The surface of the metal steps have to be ribbed or covered with a non-slip material (eg, rubber). Through various additional parts, you can create very beautiful steel stairs with carved not-slipping surface, which would be better to use as an escape and subsidiary stairs. Steps for spiral staircases are constructed in the same way, but in this case it is necessary to pay more attention to protect their surfaces from slipping.

Straight stairs with steel stair treads

These stairs are composed of strings, based on floors or staircases attached to the bowstring stair treads and railings. String is usually in the context of I, C, U — shape, but can also be combined or latticework. String connects to the floors and staircases by welding or bolting. Steel stair treads will be installed in the string, or imposed on it, and connect with a bowstring by welding, bolting or riveted mounting. Steel stairs can be based on the central supporting beam or be suspended depending on the characteristics of the room.

Spiral staircases with steel stair treadsSteel steps tread

Currently being built a large number of different spiral staircases, both steel and composite. Although the spiral staircases are not considered the most convenient, they are always very popular due to its romantic appearance. Until recently, steel spiral stairs were only used as subsidiary stairs. New models of spiral staircases are created by individual projects and do not look cold and aloof. This is achieved through the carpet or velor covering of the surface of steel stair treads.

Among other things, these coatings significantly reduce the noise level. To do this, the stairs firmly attached to the support structure, and under the soft carpet or made of PVC covering of stair treads laid noise absorbing layer of foam rubber or completely fill in the steel box-step sound absorbing material. Racks of modern steel staircases and built-in steps spacers are cast from steel and sleeve made of steel or aluminum is located between steps. The other type stairs supporting steel elements are covered by wood.

Chain stairs with steel stair treadsChain stairs

This type of stairs is made of steel, gray cast iron or cast aluminum with plastic auxiliary elements (bushings, washers, anti-noise pads). Walking surface of stair treads at the request can be made of steel, wood, plastic and even stone. Construction of stairs is not changed. Prefabricated steps are connected to each other by an intermediate connecting element by threaded fasteners. These elements can be set at any angle to each other, allowing them to create a stairs of any configuration.

Prefabricated or cast steel elements should bolt located vertically along the axis of rotation. Each individual element includes a washer and a cap. Chain stairs can be assembled from small elements, although the drawback of this system compared with the previous is that this build is taking too much time and effort. However, from small items, you can put together a very stable flight of stairs with a slight turn, attach to this stage to support the hollow bent tube, passed through the pivot bearing shaft. There are many variations of this type of chain stairs with various connecting links, intermediate and final elements, large and small single-bearing or a structure for fixing the railings. Number of stairs required for assembly elements are always one less than the number of risers in the stairs flight. Same for each of the stairs flight lower finite element rigidly fixed to the floor or landing. Connection and attachment elements of steel stair treads performed by connecting elements.