Wooden stair treads

For manufacturing of stairs usually use wooden stair treads. You can be extravagant and order stair treads from glass or a stone. But such stairs not always can be entered in an interior of your house. Therefore I offer you on an example of wooden stair treads define from which wood you have to order a stair treads.Stair tread covers

Wooden stair treads are made from softwood (a fur-tree, a pine, a fir, a cedar) hardwood (a beech, the oak, an ash-tree, a birch, a nut). These breeds devided on hard, medium-hard and soft breeds.

Soft breeds of wood

The fur-tree, cedar, pine and fir are concern them.

Distinctive feature of pine is group arrangement of knots. The wood has homogeneous structure and pitch pockets, but a little resinous. The fur-tree is very sensitive to a moisture. I would not order a stair of a fur-tree. I consider that cedar and a fir are not suitable for manufacturing of wooden stair treads. If you press with a nail on tread surface it is possible to make a dent. You represent, what should be if you walk the stair by your feet? It is possible to use this breed of wood for baluster or a railings, as the house-keeper variant.درج خشب

The pine is the most widespread coniferous breed.  Wood of a pine is soft and easy, but mechanically strong. It is easy to recognize from knots because on a cutting plane they are oval form and located on certain distance from each other by groups on 3 — 4 knots. I consider the use of pine is a suitable variant to order wooden stair treads. It is a good and «warm» wood.

Hard coniferous breeds

The larch, cypress and yew are concern hard coniferous breeds. Let’s review a larch which is the most widespread breed. The wood of larch is strong and elastic and mightily impregnated by resinous substances, it is several times heavier than a pine. The density and durability are more on 25 — 30 %  than in pine. Very beautiful structure, is a little whimsical at processing, but it is worth. It looks very beautiful under a varnish . The city on water Venice were build on piles which are made from larch. You have to order stair treads from larch.Wooden stairs

Firm deciduous breeds

For firm deciduous breeds include oak, ash, beech and sycamore. In principle there is nothing to add to the names – they are all hearsay. Wooden stair treads made of these trees are relatively expensive because of the slightly inflated hype by producers, plus they do not grow everywhere. A common feature of these breeds is a high strength, resistance to decay (here beech little weak, I do not recommend to use it outdoor). They are easily machined well covering by stains and varnishes. If you can afford stair treads from oak, ash, beech I recommed you to do this because it is a good choice.Wood stair treads

You can order wooden stair treads made from the fruit trees. Today it is possible to meet in interiors stairs from the wood made of exotic breeds. It is necessary to notice that similar decisions possess weight of advantages. Such stair treads from exotic wood have the original appearance and very interesting shades. Besides, many exotic breeds of a tree possess unique characteristics, for example, are not afraid of water and sharp differences of temperatures — the basic lack of wooden stairs which made from traditional materials.

In our time exotic woods which are used in manufacture of stair treads considered to be cypress, iroko, Mogan, Kempas, meranti, teak, etc. Mahogany wood is distinguished not only for its high performance, but also a great look. With this wooden stair treads from exotic wood your interior will be the most sumptuous.

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