What is a Good Topic For an Argumentative Essay?

If you’re a student looking for a good topic for your argumentative essay, here are some ideas that may spark your interest. These topics offer ample opportunity for persuasive writing. They are also highly controversial, which gives them a sense of realism. You may even choose a controversial topic that is both based on research and sparks debate. Listed below are some of the top topics to consider.

Controversial topics

When choosing a topic for an argumentative essay, you should make sure to choose a controversial topic that will get your audience’s attention. While there are many hot-button topics to choose from, they may be stale or a bit too controversial to engage your audience. Consider topics such as abortion or euthanasia to keep your topic fresh. Other hot-button topics to consider are torture or the #metoo movement.

Before you choose a topic for your argumentative essay, make sure it’s a hot-button issue. Any controversial topic will evoke a lively debate. Opponents and supporters will argue passionately in support of their viewpoints. If the topic is particularly controversial, you may have to write a confrontational essay. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to write on a topic that can get people talking.

One that sparks interest

Argumentative essays are an exercise in arguing your point of view. There is something engaging and exciting about writing an argumentative essay, and it is a good idea to select a topic that will spark a lively debate among your readers. For elementary school students, a few ideas for argumentative essay topics are listed below. Whether you’re writing a paper for college or for a high school class, it’s important to select a topic that is relevant to your audience.

A good argumentative essay topic should be one that has a definite, polarizing angle and can be supported by hard evidence or other relevant sources. If you haven’t researched the topic, you’ll likely face writer’s block or boredom while writing. The latter, especially in high school, can sap your enthusiasm. In those cases, a good argumentative essay topic is one that sparks your interest.

One that offers plenty of room for persuasive writing

When considering what to write about for an argumentative essay, there are a few things to consider. While many topics are easy to write about, some are too broad. If you can narrow your topic to one particular aspect, you’re more likely to produce a better essay. In addition, you’ll decrease the chance of reusing a topic. Here are some tips to help you choose an interesting topic.

A good argumentative essay topic should be one that has two sides. If the subject is controversial, it should be backed up by evidence and examples. Although opinion plays a large role in this genre, there should be some concrete evidence for it to be considered a solid topic. If you aren’t sure where to start, try thinking about your own life. Personal anecdotes are fine, but they belong in the narrative essay realm.

One that is based on comprehensive research

When it comes to writing argumentative essays, the best topics are based on thorough research. When looking for information to support your thesis, you should look for corroborating data and other arguments that support your point of view. Also, consider looking for alternatives to the topic you have chosen. If a topic is not popular among your peers, you may want to consider writing on a different subject entirely.

When choosing a topic for an argumentative essay, you must think about whether it is based on thorough research or is a strong opinion. Stronger evidence is more convincing than weak evidence. If you feel strongly about a certain issue, you will find it easier to collect evidence to support your position. It is also better if the topic is something you are personally passionate about. It will make it easier to research and write about.

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