What is a Good Persuasive Essay Topic?

There are many things to keep in mind when selecting a topic for a persuasive essay. A good topic does not have to be overdone. If it has been tackled before, it may not be the right choice. It also should be a current issue that has plenty of credible and adequate literature to support the argument. Some common pitfalls to avoid are:

Argumentative essay

While there are many popular topics for argumentative essays, you may be wondering how to choose one. There are several criteria you need to follow in choosing the best argumentative essay topic. The topic should be interesting to the reader, include evidence, counterarguments, and describe both sides of the issue in order to convince the audience that your viewpoint is the right one. To find some ideas for good argumentative essay topics, check out some of the list below.

The most important aspect of choosing an argumentative essay topic is to find a debatable topic. If your chosen topic isn’t controversial, you must consider the opposite view. Remember that the purpose of an argumentative essay is to encourage the reader to continue the debate. Therefore, it is essential to select a topic that has two sides to it and can be easily debated. A good example is Netflix, the world’s largest online video-streaming service. With more than 158 million subscribers, Netflix has a lot to talk about!

Common lies parents tell their kids

Most parents do not intentionally lie to their children, but they often do so for various reasons, including fear of punishment or reprimand, or to protect their children from choking. But it doesn’t make lying any less damaging than a truthful answer, so it is an excellent topic for persuasive essays. Some parents might even resort to recrimination if they do lie to their kids.

In order to maintain a healthy relationship with their children, parents should be honest with them. Kids have the capacity to read the faces of untruthful adults, and parents should treat their children with honesty. There are times when kids will do things that might not be safe for them, and parents should do their best to keep that relationship positive. However, many parents hide important information in order to protect their children and maintain a good relationship with their children. This is wrong, and a persuasive essay topic can highlight the issue in a way that is both honest and convincing.


If you are looking for a topic to write about, politics is a good choice. Students can take on a political position or discuss a policy issue and use it as a basis for an essay. Many politicians have a history of using propaganda and hate speech, and there are plenty of examples of these topics from the news. Politics can also be a good choice for students interested in economics.

The topic of minimum wage is controversial. Many people believe that minimum wage jobs don’t pay enough. However, others say that minimum wage is not enough to make ends meet. You can even argue that it is unfair to pay people who are not famous enough to live a comfortable life. Whether or not you support this policy, you can explore the factors that lead to crime, and discuss possible solutions. There are also arguments for and against gun rights.


Whether religion is a topic for a persuasive essay or a research paper, there are several ways to get started. The first is to think about your audience and what they might enjoy reading about. Religious topics are often quite controversial. Also, you can write about the role animals play in Christian religion. Religion is a big influence in American culture and is often featured on TV shows. It can also help promote health and prevent the destruction of art. A few other topics for essays on religion might include:

A good persuasive essay topic on religion should pose a challenge to readers. This topic allows you to express your own opinion on a subject while providing evidence to support your point of view. You must also be able to defend your point of view with relevant evidence and present a strong defense. You can also explore questions like why you believe in God or what your religion means to you. For instance, if you believe in atheism, you should include reasons for your stance.

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