How to Introduce Topics in an Essay

In an essay, an attention-grabber can be a powerful strategy for introducing your topic. These are sentences that give the reader a context for your topic. These sentences may include the Attention-grabber, Thesis statement, Context sentence, or Hook sentence. Depending on the topic and the audience, these sentences can take on a variety of different forms. Listed below are some examples of effective hook sentences.


An attention-grabber topic for an essay is a fascinating fact that you could introduce to hook the reader’s attention. Such facts may be statistics or obscure facts related to the topic of your essay. For example, you could start an essay on the importance of higher education by introducing the staggering statistic that many college graduates are unemployed. It is important to be careful when using such facts, however. Make sure that they support your thesis.

In the beginning of your essay, you should include an attention-grabber topic that will pique the reader’s interest. A hook can be a shocking statistic, anecdote, quote, or even a small background about the topic of your essay. The hook is an important part of your introduction, since it implies that the rest of the paper will have to be explained later. However, the hook should be brief and direct, so your audience will have a desire to read the rest of the essay.

Thesis statement

When you are writing an essay, you may be wondering how to introduce topics in an essay. There are many ways to start your essay, but one of the best is to begin by answering the question set forth by the professor. Generally, the introduction includes a hook or some background information, and then you can slowly introduce key ideas and facts that will lead up to the thesis statement. An example of this would be a paper on the topic of work-life balance. The hook of this paper can be a question, a general fact, a statistic, or a thesis statement.

As you write, you should rephrase your thesis statement to remind your reader of your main point. This is a good way to start the conclusion. For example, instead of discussing how technology has improved human life, you can use this statement as an example of how progress in society has been made. The rephrasing will ensure that the reader will not miss the main point of your paper and will be more inclined to continue reading.

Context sentence

A context sentence is a phrase or clause used to introduce a topic in an essay. Typically, a topic sentence introduces the main point of the essay. For example, an essay on the topic of money management could introduce the main theme of the piece as knowing interest rates, balancing a checkbook, paying taxes, estimating a paycheck, budgeting, and much more. A thesis statement, on the other hand, outlines the main ideas in an essay.

A topic sentence should be focused and convey a clear focus. In addition to defining the topic, it must capture the attention of the audience. Some examples of good topics include shocking statistics, amusing anecdotes, recent news stories, and a provocative question. The goal of the introduction is to capture the reader’s interest and set a direction for the essay. A context sentence can also define a topic and provide background information about the topic.

Hook sentence

A hook sentence for an essay can be anything that draws the reader in. It could be a quote, story, poem, sports incident, etc. It can be about high or low culture, a controversial issue, or even personal. Whatever the case may be, the hook sentence should be a smooth transition from the topic to the thesis statement. Here are some tips to help you choose the best hook sentence:

A hook sentence should be relevant and broad. For example, an essay on climate change could discuss how it impacts the health of human beings. It may include how the threat affects access to clean air, safe water, nutritious food, and safe shelter. According to the World Health Organization, climate change is likely to result in more than two hundred thousand additional deaths each year between 2030 and 2050. As such, an effective hook sentence must be relevant and sweeping enough to engage the readers.

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